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Acidified Syrup H



Acidified Syrup H is produced using a traditional method where starch conversion occurs using acid. This starch syrup has a good balance of glucose, maltose, and maltotriose. Acidified Syrup H is used to adjust the sweetness and physical properties (viscosity, moisture retention, etc.) of a product, and is used in a wide range of food products such as Japanese sweets, confectionaries, jams, and pre-made foods. 

Monde Selection awards

  • Gold Quality Award (2012)
  • Gold Quality Award (2011)
  • International High Quality Trophy (2011)
  • Gold Quality Award (2010)
  • Gold Quality Award (2009)

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Product standards and applications

Product standards

Item Standard
DE 45~49
pH 4.0~5.5
Coloration 0.100 or less
Turbidity 0.050 or less

Primary applications

♦Food products

  • Japanese confectionaries, candies, jellies, gums, jams, sweeteners in foods simmered with soy sauce, sake, and other food products

♦Industrial products

  • Raw material for sugar alcohol