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Liquid Maltodextrin


Compared with conventional liquid dextrin, Liquid Maltodextrin maintains its aging resistance while also achieving a sweetness score of 12, the lowest level in the industry. (The score for sugar is 100.) It is suitable for use in a liquid diet for immobile elderly persons and persons who have difficulty in swallowing food.


Characteristics of Liquid Maltodextrin

1. The primary component is polysaccharide.
Low sweetness, low osmotic pressure, easy to digest and absorb


2. High dryness
Also can be used in flavorings such as soy sauce which is not powdered easily.


3. Low moisture absorption
Not deliquescent. Allows the creation of powder products with excellent flow properties.


4. Work improvements
Because it is liquid, there is none of the bag-opening work that is required for powders.


5. Energy-saving
Because it is liquid, it does not require the energy that is needed with powders in order to dissolve them.

Monde Selection awards

  • Gold Quality Award (2012)
  • International High Quality Trophy (2012)
  • Gold Quality Award (2011)
  • Gold Quality Award (2010)

*Click here for more information about the Monde Selection awards.


Development of Liquid Maltodextrin and examples of use

Liquid diets for nursing care

Persons unable to eat rice or bread can not obtain sufficient carbohydrates, an essential nutrient.

Liquid Maltodextrin contains the same carbohydrates as rice or bread, in a liquid form which is easy to absorb. For this reason, it is used as an ingredient in liquid diets for nursing care.

It can also be used as an ingredient in jelly beverages which are used to replenish energy during sports.

Powdered seasonings

Liquid Maltodextrin is used as an ingredient in the powdered soy sauce that is provided with instant ramen and other products. The characteristics of Liquid Maltodextrin are used in order to turn soy sauce and liquid seasonings into a dry powder.