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Rice Sweeteners



This rice starch is made from 100% Japanese rice. Unlike rice flour rice starch is made only be refining the starch component of the rice grain. Not only dose Rice starch have the smallest granules of the currently commercially available starches, it also forms a smooth paste when gelatinized, and has excellent retro-gradation resistance. 

Monde Selection awards

  • Gold Quality Award (2012)
  • Gold Quality Award (2011)

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Product standards and applications

Product standards

Item Standard
Form/appearance White powder
Moisture 14.5% or less
Crude protein 0.45% or less
Ash content 0.4% or less
pH 7.0±1.0
Whiteness 95% or higher

Primary applications

♦Food products

  • Used in confectionaries, fillings, rice flour bread, rice noodles, Japanese sweets, snack foods, for thickening purposes, and as an alternative to aging-resistant modified starch

♦Industrial products

  • Cosmetics, excipients, photographic paper, others