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Rice Starch


Contributing to the greater food self-sufficiency of Japan

Our rice starch is made from 100% traceable domestic rice and is produced at an HACCP certified plant, for high quality and safety.

  1. Small granule
    • Granules are extremely small and uniform in size.
    • Good suspensibility and resists precipitation.
  2. Tasteless and odorless
    • The starch itself has almost no taste and odor, so it does not interfere with the original flavor of the food.
  3. Smooth paste
    • The paste is glossy and with a short low-viscosity texture.
    • Melts in the mouth with an extremely smooth feel on the tongue.
  4. Resistant to retrogradation
    • Resists retrogradation better than other unmodified starches. Syneresis and gelling do not occur.
    • Highly stable, with little viscosity change caused by retort processing or shear.

Rice starch products

Product name Characteristics Effects Applications
Rice starch High-grade rice starch is 100% made from safe and reliable domestic rice Used for thickening. Improves food texture. Improves water retention. Confectionaries, rice flour bread, Japanese sweets, rice noodles, fillings, cosmetics, others
Rice sweetener Our rice sweetener is 100% made from safe and reliable domestic rice.
Products include rice syrup, rice glucose, and high-fructose rice syrup.
Used as a sweetener derived from domestic rice. Beverages, snacks, jams, ice creams, and other products..