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Japan Cornstarch will deliver as usual even during the Obon 2019 holiday season!

Japan Cornstarch Co., Ltd., a manufacturer of general starch products (Minato Ward, Tokyo City, President and Representative Director Soichiro Kurachi), will be making deliveries as usual with respect to lorry vehicles, bulk vehicles, and charter flights, even during the Obon holiday period.

1. Obon Holiday Target Period

August 5 (Monday) – 18 (Sunday), 2019

2. Delivery Support

We will be delivering as usual even during the Obon holiday period with respect to lorry vehicles, bulk vehicles, charter flights.

Please note that with respect to small deliveries and JR containers, there will be a period when services will be suspended. Please check the following schedule and place orders by August 2, as far as possible. We appreciate your cooperation.

[Schedule for small services and JR containers]
・August 5 (Monday)-August 9 (Friday): There may be delays depending on the situation of the shipping company.
・August 10 (Saturday) - August 18 (Sunday): Delivery will not be possible due to suspension of services by the shipping company.

In case of delays, the customers will be notified to that effect on each occasion. We appreciate your cooperation.

[Contact Information for Inquiries During Golden Week]
■Japan Corn Starch Order Reception Center
Telephone: 0120-424-117
Fax: 0120-781-071
E-mail: sweetner-network@japan-cornstarch.com
Business Hours: 9:00~17:00

[Contact Information for Inquiries Related to this Matter]
■Japan Corn Starch  Operations Department  Endo
Telephone: 03-5570-7000