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Notice Concerning Re-revision of Product Prices

Japan Cornstarch CO., Ltd., a manufacturer of general starch products (Minato Ward, Tokyo City, President and Representative Director Soichiro Kurachi), announces its decision to re-revise the price of cornstarch and saccharified products supplied from (Sunday), September 1, 2019.

Since last year, the cost of manufacturing our products and the cost of selling post manufacturing have continued to rise and we requested for a price revision of 5 yen/kg. In response to a further increase in costs that exceeds the situation so far, we have made repeated efforts to provide stable supply and maintain prices, but this situation is beyond the efforts of one company.  

Therefore, for reasons including the sudden rise in the price of corn produced in the United States, and a further increase in fare costs, we would like to request a re-revision in the price of the products as follows.  We truly appreciate your kind cooperation and understanding in this situation.


1. Target products and amount of price revision

  Cornstarch Products                                    About 15yen/kg Price increase
  Saccharified products (isomerized sugars, refined sugar, glucose) About 15yen/kg Price increase

2. Date of Implementation 

   For supply from (Sunday), September 1, 2019 

3. Reference prices

     ・Period from July-September Sales price of isomerized sugars  88.628yen/kg
      (Notice of The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries: No consumption tax, price    for  25% water conversion)

     ・Nikkei Newspaper Main market price weekly Every Saturday Saccharified products  Published on July 6, 2019
      Refined sugar (tank lorry)        124yen – 126yen/kg
      Refined sugar (canned products)     165yen – 171yen/kg
      Isomerized sugars (42% tank lorry)    124yen – 126yen/kg
      Isomerized sugars (55% tank lorry)    124yen – 126yen/kg
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Mr. Tomohiko Sato
Public Relations Department
Japan Corn Starch Co., Ltd. 
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