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Establishment of the Kurachi Transportation Section
~A Delivery Fleet to Ensure Absolute Supply Stability~

On May 16, 2019, Japan Corn Starch Co., Ltd. (Minato-ku, Tokyo; Soichiro Kurachi, President), which is a Japan-based comprehensive cornstarch maker, established the Kurachi Transportation Section within our Distribution Division to ensure stable delivery to our customers of the cornstarch products that we make, as well as refined sugar, isomerized sugar syrup, and other sweeteners and modified starch products.

This April, we completed our periodic plant inspections in advance of our peak order season to ensure that our customers will receive stable supplies of our cornstarch products as well as refined sugar, isomerized sugar syrup, and other sweeteners and modified starch products that are manufactured in our plants. In terms of distribution, however, we have been facing the issue of needing to strengthen our distribution system to match our improved production capabilities, as our overall delivery performance has been deteriorating due to the aging of our drivers and the ongoing nation-wide reform of working practices. We thus inaugurated a setup for the stable transport of products to our customers in the form of the Kurachi Transportation Section, which was established on May 16, 2019, to handle some of our transportation functions. This setup will use our own truck fleet and drivers employed by the company to deliver products to our customers by their desired dates.

In addition, we have implemented an even more secured, safer, and more stable supply system by giving our drivers more thorough job training, so that they can provide our customers with a delivery service that accords with their needs, and by installing a GPS-based traffic management system so that we can track our products throughout the delivery process.

Going forward, the Kurachi Transportation Section will be committed to get our products delivered to our customers in any situation, even in a time of emergency.

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