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Japan Corn Starch Business will be as normal with no break during Golden Week 2019 too!

In order to respond to the requests of customers, the comprehensive starch manufacturer, Japan Corn Starch Co., Ltd. (Minato-ku, Tokyo; President Soichiro Kurachi) will, based on the Triple A efforts of “Anshin (reliable),” “Anzen (safe),” and “Antei-kyoukyu (stable supply),” carry out business as normal in regards to deliveries of goods by lorries, bulk vehicles and charter flights during the ten day holiday of this Golden Week from April 27th (Saturday) to May 6th (Monday). Business will be carried out as normal in regard to the order reception center as well.

completed routine maintenance repairs from April 11th (Thu) to 14 (Sun) in preparation for providing customer with products through the height of summer this year.Please consult us if you need help on the operations during Golden Week.

As a comprehensive starch manufacturer, Japan Corn Starch will strive every day to deliver “reliable,” “safe” and “high quality” products that meticulously respond to the requests of customers with our “flawless supply system.”

[Contact Information for Inquiries During Golden Week]
■Japan Corn Starch Order Reception Center
Telephone: 0120-424-117
Fax: 0120-781-071
E-mail: sweetner-network@japan-cornstarch.com
Business Hours: 9:00~17:00

[Contact Information for Inquiries Related to this Matter]
■Japan Corn Starch  Operations Department  Endo
Telephone: 03-5570-7000