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Japan Corn Starch company products at Monde Selection 2019
Received Gold Prize for 16 consecutive years


Japan Corn Starch Co., Ltd (Head Office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President: Soichiro Kurachi) received for the third consecutive year the Grand Gold Quality Award from Monde Selection, an international institute of quality selection that focuses mainly on food products. This marks the 16th consecutive year in which our products have been recognized with a Gold Quality award.

Monde Selection, established in 1961 and headquartered in Belgium, is an international organization for the evaluation, testing, and honoring of consumer products. It consists of professional juries of 70 international experts who gather each year to assess nearly 3,000 products submitted from 89 countries. Japan Corn Starch submitted eighteen products; and, this year, all eighteen were recognized with either a Grand Gold Quality or a Gold Quality award, a result that aptly demonstrates the international acclaim given to our products and the standards of quality they embody. We are very proud of this result and for its recognition of our ongoing and uncompromising efforts toward ever higher quality levels. 

Within the 2019 Monde Selection, the Grand Gold Quality Award was conferred upon Nan Dextrin, corn syrups that contains at least 90% indigestible dextrin (water-soluble dietary fiber) per unit solid. Indigestible dextrin is said to have a variety of beneficial effects, including intestinal regulation and suppression of post-meal rises in both blood sugar and triglycerides (fat). It is added to numerous food products, including drinks and jellies, and also serves as a functional ingredient in food for specified health uses (FOSHU). Notably, approximately 30% of FOSHU contains indigestible dextrin. 

Receiving the Grand Gold Quality Award for third consecutive years, as well as, receiving the Gold Quality Award for the 16th consecutive year is highly encouraging. While we are proud of this recognition, we will continue to contribute to the dietary health and safety of Japan by maintaining the highest levels of product quality and continuing to meet the expectations of consumers for safety, security, and dependable supply.

■Grand Gold Quality Award
・Nan Dextrin(3 consecutive years)

■Gold Quality Award
・Oligo Syrup M40(16 consecutive years)
・High FructoM(11 consecutive years)
・K.D.L.-S.(11th gold medal)
・Koso Syrup S(9th gold medal)
・High Maltose M(9th gold medal)
・San Syrup H(6th gold medal)
・Silver Sweet(6th gold medal)
・Tetra Sweet(5th gold medal)
・Iseikato70(4th gold medal)
・Origo No Amami 1kg(5 consecutive years)
・Origo No Amami 240g(4th gold medal)
・Origo No Chikara 240g(4th gold medal)
・Corn Starch N(13 consecutive years)
・Cornstarch White(12 consecutive years)
・Kome Denpun(3 consecutive years)
・Sago Denpun No Kawari(4 consecutive years)
・Baden No Kawari(4 consecutive years)

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