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Japan Corn Starch’s New Pearl Starch Product Makes a Splash
At In-Cosmetics Global 2019 in Paris, France!

General starch maker Japan Corn Starch Co., Ltd. (Minato-ku, Tokyo; Soichiro Kurachi, President) exhibited Pearl Starch, its naturally sourced texture-improving product, at In-Cosmetics Global 2019, the international cosmetics trade fair held in Paris, France, over the three-day period from Tuesday, April 2 through Thursday, April 4. Some 800 exhibitors participated from around the world.

The key quality of the new Pearl Starch product is that it is a cosmetic product made of plant-based starch that is gentle on both people and the environment. Regulation of microbeads is currently moving ahead in Europe and North America, so there is a growing need for natural cosmetic ingredients. Now that microbeads are in the process of being officially banned in Europe, North America, and Asia, the world is focusing on Pearl Starch as an alternative to petroleum-based microbeads, talc, and the like.

We introduced our new Pearl Starch product to the world, not just to the Japanese market, at In-Cosmetics Global 2019, which followed the COSME Tech 2019 cosmetics expo held in Tokyo from January 30 through February 1. Many people connected with the cosmetics industry from Europe, North America, Asia, and various other countries stopped by our exhibit and showed interest in this naturally sourced ingredient.

In addition to the display of cosmetics samples using Pearl Starch at our expo booth, at a Sustainability Corner Presentation, a researcher from our Development Research Laboratory gave a detailed talk on our new Pearl Starch product, titled “Introduction of ‘Pearl Starch’ as an alternative to plastic beads.” This seminar gathered so much interest that it had a full house, and our expo booth was popular throughout the event.

We hope that our new Pearl Starch product becomes recognized for its natural composition. It offers the same level of texture improvement as spherical resin and is a versatile dosage form product. We also hope that Pearl Starch will play a role in the development of safe and trusted cosmetic products that are gentle on both the environment and human beings.

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