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Japan Corn Starch Presentation on Bio-degradable Plastics

The starch manufacturer Japan Corn Starch Co., Ltd. will be presenting at the EUROPEAN BIOPOLYMER SUMMIT 2019 on February 13th and 14th regarding bio-degradable plastics.
In brief, bio-degradable plastics are plastics created from plant materials with the goal of allowing decomposition to occur. Ultimately, these plastics can be broken down into water and oxygen making it a material ideal for human health and environmental conservation.

Japan Corn Starch after many years of research was able to successfully develop and patent a bio-degradable plastic with corn starch as its base. This bio-degradable plastic has had commercial success in a wide range of applications like pen molds, agricultural multi-films, and paints. In addition, last year Japan Corn Starch began a joint research project with Michigan State University with the goal of developing a new biodegradable plastic that has a wider range of applications and is higher in functionality.

During the presentation session at EUROPEAN BIOPOLYMER SUMMIT 2019 this February, Japan Corn Starch will be discussing its current research, patented technology, and the future of development in bio-degradable plastics.

Japan Corn Starch as a starch manufacturer will continue to strive to create a stable supply of bio-degradable plastics that not only aids in environmental conservation, but also meets the needs of the 21st century.

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