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“Pearl Starch”, a Japan Cornstarch product was exhibited to great success at 
“the 9th International Cosmetics Development Expo, COSME Tech 2019”

Japan Cornstarch (Minato Ward, Tokyo; President and CEO, Soichiro Kurachi), a comprehensive starch manufacturer, presented a nature-derived texture enhancer “Pearl Starch” as an alternative to talc and resin at the 9th International Cosmetic Development Expo, COSME Tech 2019! This Expo was the largest cosmetic exhibition in Japan where 780 companies from 35 countries displayed their products for three days, January 30 (Wednesday), 31 (Thursday), and 31 (Friday), 2019 at Makuhari Messe.

The most important feature of our new product “Pearl Starch” is that the product is both human- and environment-friendly cosmetic material because it is based on a plant-derived starch. Now that regulation of microbeads has become implemented in Europe, US, and Asia; therefore our human- and environment-friendly plant-derived starch-containing cosmetic material drew a lot of attention globally as an alternative to materials such as talc and petroleum-derived microbeads.

At the exhibition hall, we displayed cosmetic sample prototypes incorporating “Pearl Starch.” In the Innovative Cosmetics Ingredients session, our researchers from our research institute presented a session “Alternative to Talc and Resin! A nature-derived texture enhancer ‘Pearl Starch,’” for explaining details of the product while encouraging the attendees to touch cosmetic samples. The seminar was full and more visitors came to see standing. Our exhibition space had great success throughout the Expo.

Our company’s hope is that the customers recognize that our new product “Pearl Starch” is a nature-derived material that can impart a texture enhancing result comparable to spherical resins in a wide variety of formulated products. We also would like the customers to utilize the “Pearl Starch” for the development of safe cosmetics that is friendly to both human and the environment.

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