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Japan Corn Starch receives kosher certification! 
Along with halal certification, this designation contributes to the world-class quality and safety of our products

On February 9, 2018, comprehensive starch manufacturer Japan Corn Starch (Minato Ward, Tokyo; Soichiro Kurachi, President) received kosher certification from Kosher Japan Co., Ltd. for its corn starch, modified starch products, and sweetener products including mizuame and isomerized syrups. The designation follows the company’s halal certification granted on June 30, 2015.  

Kosher certification is a standard that designates foods acceptable for consumption by observant Jews. As a manufacturer of ingredients used in many other foods, Japan Corn Starch believes it is important to provide kosher products so that Jewish residents of Japan as well as Jewish tourists and visitors for the Tokyo Olympics from around the world can enjoy Japanese food free of concern. In addition, as more of our customers consider exporting products to regions of the world with large Jewish communities, the importance of providing kosher ingredients increases. We therefore chose an internationally recognized kosher certification.

As a comprehensive starch manufacturer, Japan Corn Starch works constantly to provide products of the highest quality and safety that respond fully to our customers’ needs, and to perfect our system for supplying those products. 

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Founded: 1867 
Established: September 20, 1962 

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