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Modifed starch


A range of modified starches to meet diverse needs

Japan Cornstarch manufactures modified starches developed by the use of high technologies which we have gained through cornstarch development.

Modified food starch is used in frozen foods, retort-pouch foods, sauces, noodles, fish pastes, confectionaries, and other food product industries.

Applications of modified industrial starch include internal sizing, external sizing, coating, and interlaminar sprays for the paper manufacturing industry, as well as corrugating medium for the cardboard industry.

It is also used in other industries including the textile and construction materials industries.


Modified food starch products

Product Name Characteristics Effects Applications
Dry starch Cornstarch that is low in moisture and with good flow properties and excellent dispersion Improves flow properties. Prevents sticking. Baking powder, powdered sugar and dispersant for powder mix.
KH-300 Modified cornstarch with excellent cooking properties and elasticity boosting effects Improves Texture, formability and water-holding capacity of seafood paste products and meat products. Seafood paste products, meatballs, hamburger, and other meat products.
Amylox No.1 Pregelatinized cornstarch. Disperses easily in cold water, and thickens foods without heating. Thickens instant mixes and other food products which are not heated. Improves shape retention. Thickening agents for batters and other powdered mixes
Substitute for Potato Starch The processed starch made of cornstarch.Substitute for Potato Starch has modified viscosity characteristic closed to potato starch. Elasticity strengthening of fish paste products and meat products.Thicken the dish. Elasticity strengthening, the fry batter
Substitute for Sago Starch The processed starch made of cornstarch.Substitute for Sago Starch can be substituted for sago starch.There is little muddiness of hot water and hight fluidity. Substitute for Sago Starch prevent from sticking noodles together. The dusting powder of noodles, the dusting powder of wrapper

Modified industrial starch products

Product Name Characteristics Effects Applications
SK-20 At a low temperature, it becomes colloid solution when heated. It is semi-transparent, highly dispersed and has good paper penetration and film formation properties. Improves paper strength. Has good compatibility with other additives. Paper manufacture (sizing press and coatings)
Hidex 128 Depending on the type, Hidex can be easily adjusted from a transparent low-viscosity paste to a high-density, high-viscosity paste. It has stable and good film formation properties. Good penetration ability. Excellent adhesive properties. Adhesives, binders, dispersants, and stabilizers in the paper manufacturing and processing (coating, water-activated adhesive) industries, textile industry, construction materials industry, casting industry, ceramics industry, and other industries
Corbond EX High-performance pre-mixed product containing cornstarch and modified starch Improves adhesive properties.
Improves paste water retention.
Simplifies gelatinization work.
Corrugated board