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Pharmaceutical cornstarch


Starch refined and freed of impurities by the Japan Cornstarch original production system

Japan Cornstarch uses an original production system to remove impurities such as proteins and fiber and produce refined starch from ripe corn.

We offer pharmaceutical cornstarch made from yellow corn and white corn.

In particular, our white pharmaceutical corn starch is widely used by customers who are particular about whiteness.


Product standards

Conforms to the standards for cornstarch in the Japanese Pharmacopoeia.

Item Standards
Appearance/form White to yellow-white powder
Residue on ignition 0.6% or less
Loss on drying 15.0% or less
pH 4.0~7.0
Purity test Iron 10ppm or less
Oxidizers 20ppm or less
Sulfur dioxide 50ppm or less

Primary applications

Can be used in the production of pharmaceuticals, quasi-drugs, food products, and other products.